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Dear Mr Gittler:
The actions of Heritage Services on the evening of January 17, 2011, were beyond commendable. Draping the officer’s body with an American flag and transporting it in a separate vehicle were not only patriotic but very considerate. I highly commend your actions and because of them the County has instituted a policy of draping the bodies with American flags of all police, fire and active duty military personnel killed in Oakland County. Your actions regarding this tragic event will not be forgotten.

L. Brooks Patterson

Thank you very much for your kindness & respect of my father when he passed. You  came to their home & with sensitivity w/the Coast Guard Emblem & flag took my father to the funeral home. I appreciate & will never forget that kind moment w/my father as we said goodbye to him. May God return your kindness back to you in the form of many Blessings to you two. Thank You,

Pam Karkalik & Family