Heritage is family-owned and operated, since 2002, and we are dedicated to providing the finest funeral related services available. We provide your establishment with clean, professional services – provided in a timely manner. At Heritage we are committed to assisting the funeral industry by building bridges between families and funeral chapels and maintaining those already existing.

Our Mission is to handle all calls with compassion and respect to the family and their deceased loved one. We recognize that we are first and foremost in the people business and we are committed to maintaining your established reputation.

Some of the services we offer are: Livery Transfer, Funeral Staffing, Bio Clean-Up, Repair of Mortuary Equipment and Special Ops Recovery.

Heritage immediately recognizes our fallen soldiers and emergency responders by draping an American Flag over them prior to removing them from their homes.  It is our belief that they have given everything that they could for our safety and protection, it is now our turn to recognize them for their valiant efforts.  Thank you from everyone at Heritage Services.

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Let Heritage Services help your funeral home grow. We provide the best in support logistics for funeral homes beginning with removal, to staffing the funeral home.  We can also provide the hearse or limo, with driver, for internment.  If you are in need of a licensed director we can provide that as well.  We also support other areas of this industry including: organ and tissue donation companies, universities, medical examiners, pharmaceutical companies and other government agencies.