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Case Overview

Removals/ Recovery:  With compassion and respect we will prepare a family’s loved one with dignity and take them into our care.

Livery/ Hearse Rentals:  To better support new and existing customers we have added a fleet of hearse and limo’s to our inventory.

Staffing Licenses and Unlicensed: When a funeral home is need of staffing assistance we are here.  We screen and do criminal and driving background checks on all workers.  Is your licenses director on vacation or not available? You can contact us for help. We work with many local directors and can provide you with a licensee.

Morgue Storage Solutions:  Heritage Services is offering Morgue storage solutions to hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes and more. Our 900 sq ft climate controlled Morgue can hold approximately 130 patients. Learn more

Mass Fatality Response:  Consider Heritage Services as a resource in the event of a mass fatality.Heritage Services is currently the only company in the state of Michigan, in the human remains transportation field, that has the training and equipment to provide Fatal pathogens patient transportation


Case Overview

Bio Clean- Up/ Hoarding Clean Out: In the event of the passing of a loved one we will assist families in cleaning up and moving forward as quickly as possible.

Disaster Response/ Mass Casualty:  We have secured several agreements with local and state governments and we are working on an agreement at the federal level in the event of a mass casualties.  Our research and development team will soon be rolling out our retrieval robots to assist in field recovery.


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